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For Experienced or Novice Sailors.

The combination of the boat, the way the boat has been maintained and outfitted, and the location, create the environment for the best chance of having that perfect sailing vacation in paradise.

It is our hope and desire that you experience a truly great experience. Not only having great sailing, but also experiencing great food, wonderful marine life, a relaxing time, and memorable Caribbean experience as well.

Legend can be chartered as a bareboat charter, or a fully crewed charter. Just let us know if you need a captain for your charter or not. And, you can order the boat fully provisioned for all meals, some meals, or no meals as you like. And, of course, you can provision the boat yourself as well.

This is what makes for a truly outstanding luxury yacht charter

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The Boat

Legend is a 50 foot 2008 Bavaria Sailing Yacht

She is in great shape and has been the flagship of the fleet that she belongs to. She has everything that you need to enjoy a wonderful yacht charter experience. She has space, style, and sailing ability to keep everyone on your "crew" happy.

She has been outfitted to the highest standards because only excellence creates the best sailing charter experience.

If you are an experienced sailor, you will know that Bavaria and in particular, their flagship 50 model, is the type of boat that you want for your yacht charter.

If you are new to bareboat chartering, you will quickly understand why Bavaria boats have been so successful as charter boats. They are well laid out, well thought out, and give you a great experience.

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How to Create An Amazing Experience

Ease into a Caribbean frame of mind. It's good for the soul and, in the end, that's kind of the point.

Things are a little different from where you live, but again, that's the reason to get away. So, be prepared for the "different". You will be delighted at how different some things are, and yes, some times things happen in Caribbean time.

Also, Enjoy the sailing. It is truly magical so take advantage of it. And, if you're not quite where you need to be as a sailor, hire a captain and remove the stress. Our yacht management company has the right people to partner with you to make this experience truly memorable.

Know your Environment.

If this is your first visit to the Caribbean or your 50th, take some time and learn about what the BVI and the Caribbean is all about. The more you know the more that you will enjoy the experience. You will know what you want to focus on and perhaps what you want to focus away from. Researching your destination is half the fun of a vacation anyway. And, don't forget to tell everyone about your newly created stories once you're back home. They deserve to hear about how much fun you really had!!

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Other Boat Offers

Monohulls and Catamarans. Small Boats and Large Boats.

Legend is quite likely the boat that will meet your needs. But, we know that it isn't going to be right for everyone. That's why we have access to all sorts of boats available for charter that are in the same great shape, and are all very well outfitted.

There are boats from 30 to 55 feet. There are mono hulls and catamarans. There is certainly the right boat to fit your needs.

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