About The British Virgin Islands

The BVI's are considered by many to be the perfect Caribbean sailing destination for first-time sailboat charterers, with calm seas, constant trade winds and line-of-sight navigation. Experienced sailors will also enjoy the wealth of different islands to visit, including the coral island of Anegada. There are hundreds of stunning anchorages and moorings in the BVI to explore and the moorings are all secure and well maintained. The itinerary shown is just an example of some of the places you might visit on the way. The moorings in the BVI, for overnight stays, are available in many locations and there are plenty of attractive beach bars and restaurants around the islands.

Want to sail elsewhere? Here are other locations that we offer with other boats.:
  • Antigua & Barbuda
    "Best Honeymoon Island Award winner,

    St. Martin / St. Maarten
    2 Islands in one, Great Sailing

    The Grenadines
    South Windward Islands, Beautiful & unspoiled.

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What to Bring?

Bring less, Travel light

Bring a camera for all your memories

Bring some extra money for unique gifts

Bring swimming, snorkelling and scuba gear

Most importantly, bring your sense of discovery, adventure and fun!



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Charting The Perfect Course

There are as many different ways to sail the BVI as there are sailors.

Here is one way to experience as much of the islands and what they have to offer as possible.


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